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If you are not quite ready to star in your video info products but you are eager to get started marketing, you can simply record your voice instead.  Creating audio products, both digital and tangible is an excuse-free way to start.

Producing audio products and using audio to market them is safe. After all, nobody will see your face. Nobody will see your office or your home or your studio. That means nobody will be distracted by their own thoughts such as, “that is an ugly shirt,” or “he needs to lose weight.”  Nope, they only have your voice and the content of your words.

information marketing audios

There is absolutely no doubt that you can use your voice alone to attract and build an information marketing business now.

The good news is that your voice and the content of your words can be enough. Audio products are growing more and more popular, especially in the form of audio books.  There is absolutely no doubt that you can use your voice alone to attract and build an information marketing business now.

My products on Kindle are popular now, but I expect far more popularity in the future. Do you have an information product on Kindle yet?  Stay tuned for further adventures if you are already an author published on Kindle because things are fixin’ to change.

Amazon has become a gigantic company and it all started with marketing books on the web. Now it sells EVERYTHING on the web.  And it has magnified the audio book marketplace in a big way recently.  That is pretty much all you need to know to inspire your own audio information product creation now. It’s motivating me, that’s for sure.

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