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Online Information Marketing Means SEO

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Yes, online information marketing means SEO, whether we like it or not, and whether we do it ourselves or not. We just have to do it. We have to pay attention to keywords and links coming into our websites and blogs because those links affect our page rankings. We cannot afford to ignore SEO if we are serious about marketing information online.

Ken McGaffin of WordTracker is in the SEO groove. Link-building is his primary business focus, so I pay attention when I see the following in his blog post this week,”To be effective as a link builder, you’ve got to know your industry inside out. Compile these lists and you’ll know more than most of your competitors. (See McGaffin’s post for longer descriptions, as well as additional list topics.)

info marketing seo success

Online Information Marketing Means SEO

Top 20-50 bloggers in your industry

‘Magic middle’ bloggers in your industry

Offline and online trade publications

Journalists who tweet about your industry

Industry associations

Resource lists about your industry (yes, even directories

Forums and discussion groups relevant to your industry

Niche social media sites: ditto to the above.

National, regional and local trade shows with dates

Twitter users in your industry

Colleges that teach courses that feed into your industry

Professors and researchers who write about your industry

Authors who’ve written books about your industry

Experts who speak at trade shows, run webinars or publish slideshows

Holidays and observances relevant to your industry

Sectors that your industry serves.”

List building is basic to link building, and it is also dear to my own heart because it forms a structure for staying focused. Anything that helps me stay focused on information marketing is my friend.

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