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Posting your Kindle book for sale on Amazon is quite an accomplishment, and it’s a temptation to simply rest easy, thinking that hoards of traffic will immediately discover your book.  But there are a few more tasks to accomplish to optimize your Amazon listings now. Just writing and publishing your book is not enough to ensure that your target audience can find you and your book.

Lynne Klippel posted four tips that round out the tasks any Kindle author needs to complete, and that goes for tangible books posted on Amazon as well. She calls them “opportunities,” which is a good word to describe what they can do for you:

info marketing amazon

Optimize Your Amazon Listings Now

“Opportunity #1 – Optimize your book listing with key words…

Opportunity #2 –  Use Author Central

Opportunity #3 – Set up a Personal Profile and post reviews…

Opportunity #4 – Use the Look Inside Your Book feature…

If these suggestions aren’t familiar to you, that means you need to spend some quality time on Amazon, building up your presence on the site and becoming a member of the Amazon community.  More and more, the gigantic online retailer is becoming the go-to place for shoppers to get reviews of the products they are thinking about purchasing, whether or not they actually make their purchase there.

And this includes book buyers, of course. In fact, many authors consider their Amazon reviews one of the most significant of their many book marketing tools. And they work to cultivate positive reviews by posting reviews for other authors in advance or in return.

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