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Optimize Your Info Products For The Future

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Smaller and smaller viewing screens have begun to rule the world of different digital devices , so you have to optimize your info products for the future right now. And the big news is, the future is going to be… small.

Did you know that there are completely separate search engines for mobile devices and computers?  Go ahead and search yourself or your info products on different devices and you’ll find that the search results are not the same.  That is one way the new reality will sink in pretty quickly.  It worked for me!

information marketing on mobile devices

Small Screen Devices

Greg Sterling’s article about mobile search is helping me dog-paddle my way through the choppy waters in my attempts to understand.  He says that Google is struggling in the same choppy waters because there are other popular ways to navigate now. Google has grown into the undisputed powerhouse of computer searches, but that does not automatically translate to mobile searches.

It’s all about mobile apps. They have changed everything. They take you on a different path toward your intended goal, and that path is very different than a traditional Google search.

Any web techs following my blog posts are probably laughing pretty hard right now, but I’m explaining the complex changes so that I can understand them myself.  And my explanation will work for the majority of my clients and customers, I’m sure.

Your websites and your info products must be found on the new types of searches, and they must be easy to read and watch on smaller and smaller screens. That’s a fact.

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