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Ordinary is the New Great

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Ordinary is the new great, or at least that is the idea Elizabeth Sims promotes in her post this week. I could see her point, especially when she writes, “I want you to behave just as the greatest geniuses behaved. I want you to strive to write an average book. A decent book. An OK book. In order to do this, you must first write an average sentence. And you have to start somewhere. And that is no sweat.”

Sims believes that aiming for greatness is not what the great ones have done.  I’m not sure I believe it, though. Do you?  First of all, how can she KNOW what great writers were thinking, recently or in the distant past. Some of them at the present time have told us in interviews, blogs and books about the craft of writing, but most will be forever silent on the subject.

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Ordinary is the New Great

If you want to build an information marketing business by creating really great, useful programs and products that people need and want to buy, in order to solve specific problems in their lives, aiming for greatness is not a bad thing. Aiming high never hurt, or at least I don’t believe it did.

But I do agree with Sims in one sense, and that is this – it’s not a good idea to put on airs of importance or come across as an elitist. That’s true. If that’s her point, then I agree. People like to experience a sense of safety and confidence in their online relationships, and feel that the relationship is genuine.

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