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Overwhelm. It’s everywhere, and all the time. Marketing information 24/7 is a good thing until it takes over your life completely. That’s why I advise my clients and partners to outsource, because doing it all may not be the best plan. Outsource to sell more info products.

Knowing how and when to outsource is key. There will be tasks that only YOU are best suited to accomplish. I cannot send someone else in my place for my speaking engagements, for example. No way. But I can certainly hire a webmaster and virtual assistants for other web-related tasks that don’t require my personal attention. Making the decision to outsource has made all the difference in possibility and profitability for me and for many of my JV partners as well.

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Outsource To Sell More Info Products

Voice over talent and producer Bill DeWees hired his daughter to manage his emails and client communication, which has made all the difference in his ability to build a 6-figure voice over business. Now he is showing other people how to do the same thing, and he’s helping them produce their first demos as well.

That’s just one of my partners who made a decision to hire help and his business exploded as a result. Naturally, getting the right help to match up with your personality, your schedule (international time zone differences can really create havoc) and the nature of your information marketing business.

Over the years I have used a variety of people to help me build my business and I can tell you that finding the right people is critical. It might take some time to get a good fit, but you will know it when you experience it.

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