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Part 1 – Is Information Marketing Becoming a Free-For-All?

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I’ve used webinars to promote myself and my products and services for a long time. And I’ve encouraged my clients and customers to do so as well. Many have built substantial incomes as a result. But in the last few years I’ve noticed a trend. Is information marketing becoming a free-for-all?

Let me unpack that question a bit because it sums up a current trend that is causing a lot of confusion for new and established info marketers alike. By saying, “free-for-all,” I mean to convey two points: 1) giving time, money and products away for FREE; and 2) entering the fray, or stepping into the ring where everybody is fighting it out for attention.

Calling it a free-for-all is a pun, but hopefully it makes my point memorable.

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Is Information Marketing Becoming a Free-For-All?

You are not the only one wondering if there’s opportunity to profit now that so much information is given away for free on the web. Seems like everybody is doing it now, right? How can you hope to compete?

The crucial answer to these questions is this – make yourself unique so that nobody can really compete with you. You are marketing yourself, your knowledge, your perspectives, your talent and skills. Nobody else can do that. Well, you can get affiliates to promote you of course. But nobody can DUPLICATE you.

Going back to my two basic points now:  1) Yes, the web is full of FREE programs and products; and 2) Yes, you have to step into the arena along with everyone else.  But YOU are the one stepping in now. YOU are marketing YOU, and that is your stock in trade.

Making the transition from “I am competing with everybody else out there” to “I am unique and my products and services are uniquely mine” is THE quantum leap to success.

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