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Patchwork Quilters As Information Marketers

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I don’t sew, but I can appreciate the beauty and utility value of patchwork quilts. And although I have ZERO interest in making a quilt myself, I am pursuing the topic of patchwork quilters as information marketers because it makes a point so well.

Wander by the magazine rack in any big bookstore and you will see MANY magazines on the topic of patchwork quilting. It’s incredible. The old-fashioned skill that developed out of necessity, meaning the need to stay warm in drafty cabins with wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, has become an art form. There are women (and a few men) who make their living by teaching patchwork quilting classes and selling books, patterns and how-to videos.

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Patchwork Quilters As Information Marketers

Beth McGutcheon’s 1973 book titled, The Perfect Patchwork Primer , provides contrast for the point I want to convey in this post today: “American patchwork was invented for economy, and though it quickly became something more, it never became something else. If it ceases to be economical, it ceases to be real patchwork.”

OK.  Her position is clear. It is, however, hard to support these days. Millions of women have stashes of expensive fabric piled up, just waiting to be sewn. And they paid LOTS of money for that fabric when they purchased it new. They are not accumulating scraps as did their ancestors. They are not tearing up old clothing to make bedding to stay warm. They are creating art to express themselves and to beautify their surroundings.

I am demonstrating that you can take a time-honored topic and turn it into an information empire, too.  You don’t even have to select a completely unique topic, as evidenced by all the quilter info marketers who are prospering in their businesses.  You simply have to bring your own slant, your unique perspective to your topic and build on it. Just like a quilt. Put the pieces together to make a useful thing of beauty that works.

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