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Perry Marshall Hitting Writers Upside The Head

Information Marketing

“Most marketing courses teach you to think like an automaton, treating customers like walking ATM machines, pulling levers and pushing buttons like the Wizard of Oz.  Which is why most marketers secretly dread being found out.”  Perry Marshall hitting writers upside the head (from an email today)

In your process of creating info products you are definitely going to become a writer. Maybe you are already a writer, but you will become a better writer, day by day.  You may never write as well as Perry Marshall writes, but your words can attract, interest, inspire and motivate people as well as his in your own area of expertise.

info marketer perry marshall

Perry Marshall

Marshall is using the word, “marketers,” but he’s doing so in the context of describing his upcoming in-person copywriting course in Chicago. Basically, if you are writing for business purposes, whether that business is information marketing or memos to co-workers, you are marketing yourself and your ideas. You are always exerting influence to some extent whenever you open your mouth or use a pen or a keyboard to write.

I suggest you read the quote above and maybe even copy it onto your desktop (if you still have one) or post it on your scheduler. If you are accumulating ideas to build your information marketing business you absolutely cannot go wrong paying attention to these words today, and everyday, for that matter.

Internet marketing is just like every other facet of life, which means there is a lot of opportunity to waste time, and it can be a constant challenge to find mentors with genuinely sage advice.

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