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I’ve been saying it for a long time, but Perry Marshall blogged about it this week, too. He included some stunning statistics from Live360 showing the impact on conversion rate (or closing the sale) by immediate phone response. I’m quoting him here because these statistics underscore the fact that phone calls enhance info product sales, or any product for that matter:

“Lead conversion by fast phone response. Compared to NO phone follow up, here’s the impact on conversion rate:

Calling the prospect after…

1 minute     +391%

info marketing follow up calls

Phone Calls Enhance Info Product Sales

2 minutes    +160%

3 minutes    +98%

30 minutes  +62%

1 hour         +36%

5 hours       +24%

24 hours     +17%

Did you see those statistics for the first three minutes following receipt of a sales lead? Response like that requires serious customer service capabilities.  Big companies might be able to staff up for this kind of thing, but one person marketing information won’t be able to compete.

I wonder if an automated phone call would work?  A recorded message in your own voice thanking the prospect for taking time to leave a phone number, and offering a discount or a free service – how might that hit the prospect?  Or maybe a text message.

Technically, these calls and texts wouldn’t be telemarketing, so they may be received well. It would all depend on how serious the prospective buyer was when he filled out an opt-in form online, or left a voice message.

Let me know if you give these ideas a try. I’d like to hear about your results.

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