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Pop-Up Shops For Information Marketers

Information Marketing

If you visit shopping malls, especially in the fall season when the holidays are approaching you see temporary kiosks set up to capture holiday traffic. That’s a pop-up shop. And now there are pop-up shops for information marketers and retailers online, too.

Linda Bustos’ somewhat mind-boggling article on GetElastic today demonstrates with screenshots and details how short-term retail locations and web locations seem to draw a crowd. She says, “A twist on the offline version, Google launched online-only pop-up shops around the web to promote pre-orders of its Chromebook product. Over a 48 hour period, the Chromebook store skipped across 12 different sites, closing after one hour’s time, with URLs seeded and shared through Twitter.”

info marketing shopping carts

Pop-Up Shops For Information Marketers

Naturally, the resources that Google has to test this sort of thing far exceed anything that you or I could do on our own. But the general idea is what we should begin to grasp here, if possible. We can put up time-sensitive landing pages and websites offering an information product for a short time only. We can Tweet about them, post them on Facebook and send emails linked to a blog post.

If you are marketing information to promote your local business, you could consider a tent sale or a kiosk in the local mall to sell your inventory, or gift certificates to your restaurant, hair salon or massage studio.

Bustos makes this final suggestion that applies to both local and web pop-ups, “Text alerts with directions to pop-up locations and special events can inject excitement to mobile marketing, especially when combined with exclusive offers.” Remember, text alerts can be used to direct clients and customers to web pages as well as physical locations.

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