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My blog post a couple years ago about a homeless guy named Big John has sparked conversation that fascinates me. Other people really enjoyed commenting when the subject was helping another person. And, naturally, there were the subtle detractors and possible impostors.  Popular information marketing blog posts are difficult to predict, that’s for sure.

I was searching, “most popular blog posts,” and found some interesting similarities. First of all, it depends on the blog post audience. The most popular blog post of all time with radio-controlled monster trucks probably won’t get much attention on the mommy network. But there is a common pattern in popular blog posts, and by that I mean posts that get a lot of readers and comments.

who is big john in information marketing

Big John and Information Marketing

Since most readers don’t bother to leave a comment, when there are many comments you can be certain that there were a LOT more readers, even when you don’t have access to actual statistics.

If you want to write a popular blog post, start by making a list. Human beings seem to adore reading lists. They are usually short, and they are very authoritative. If you’re on the list, you’re in. If it’s on the list, it must be right, and it must be good. If you make the list you must know something, right?

The Huffington Post publishes a page with its most popular posts of all time, listing the astronomical stats for each.  I cannot resist mentioning #1 of all time, which is Why You Are Not Married.  Yes, it’s a list. How do I know? I checked it, even though I’m married.

Did you notice that my Big John post was also a list?

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