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Popularity and Information Marketing

Information Marketing

The idea of popularity and information marketing is a rather odd combination. On one hand, it might appear that getting traffic to your sites is a function of popularity, right? Websites and blogs that enjoy heavy traffic are called “popular,” aren’t they?

I have to think about web traffic the way I think about a politician accumulating votes in an election. We might say, “he is the winner of the popular vote,“ but in reality, voters might not really like that candidate at all. They voted for the candidate for other reasons, their own reasons. Those reasons may have nothing to do with liking.

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Popularity and Information Marketing

In other words, popularity does NOT equal liking. It equals attraction. And people are attracted to your information marketing products and services for their own reasons, whether or not they like you.

I hope this is making sense because it is a very important concept to understand in order to build your business beyond a certain income level.

Dov Gordon responded to a comment on his blog this week, sharing the following powerful idea as regards sales:

“If you are “reassessing” your offer in favor of the prospect, I suspect there’s more here than merely wanting to help. You want to be liked. You’re don’t value yourself enough. And you’re afraid to lose the sale. One thing that will help you more than anything else:

You need to experience that you have nothing to be afraid of. As the adage goes, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”

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