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Perfect? Well, maybe not every time. But you can be sure that practice makes you a perfect speaker in most situations. In private conversations and public speaking venues as well, striving for perfection can pave the way for better and better communication as well as greater and greater success.

Now, are you wondering what I mean by practice as regards personal conversations? I can tell you that in one word – listening. Practicing your listening skills will give you a huge advantage whenever you are talking to one or more people.

Listening is becoming a lost art these days, mostly due to our constant connection to digital devices and our short attention spans.  A person who really pays attention will know what to say and what not to say (even more important) in every situation as time goes by.

My JV partner, Avish Parashar posted this short list of reasons to practice your speeches before delivering them in public or recording them for your information products:

“en1. Familiarity.  …I do want you to be so familiar with it that you can pick it up from any moment, go off script and get back on track with no problem, and be un-phased by interruptions.

Speaking as Information Marketing

Practice Makes You A Perfect Speaker

2. Delivery.  …delivery plays a huge role in how well received your presentation is.

3. Timing.  Proper pausing and pacing separates amateur speakers from pros.

4. Content.  I find practicing my speech to be one of the best ways to generate awesome new material.

5. Confidence.  It’s a basic fact: confident speakers are better received than nervous ones. If you are uncertain about your material, it will come across to your audience. Good, consistent practice will boost your confidence and make you a more effective, better received presenter.”

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