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Privacy Issues Online

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Information marketers are personally affected by all the social, political and legal issues regarding privacy issues online. The wild, wild world of the web is taming-down now because web users have been complaining, and in some cases those complaints have been getting louder and more consistent. I am all for protecting privacy online, and I am in good company, including Microsoft.

Here are some quotes from Microsoft’s own website on the subject of Privacy:

“89% of consumers worry about online privacy…

info marketing privacy

Privacy Issues Online

Information is the currency of the Internet. Many web businesses depend on info about you for their success—what you buy, what services you use, your zip code, your likes and dislikes. Businesses may gather data when you set up an online account, make a purchase, register for a contest, take part in a survey, or simply surf the web.

You have probably furnished additional information about yourself in resumés, chats, pages on social networks like Facebook, or comments in discussion groups or on Twitter.”

Naturally, as information marketers, we want as much information as possible about our target market, and all the individuals visiting our websites. This information helps us create products and market them to the right audience. And most of us conduct ourselves in an ethical manner, only using the information people give us directly, not selling it to other marketers for their own use.

But that is not always the case. Most privacy issues stem from the selling or renting of information, but not all. A growing number of consumers resent the intrusion into their surfing around the web and constantly seeing targeted ads now. This is a big issue for us all, as consumers and as marketers.

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