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It’s springtime as I write this, and when I saw Tim Grenda’s post about “how to grow a bumper crop of content,” I knew it was timely. You can produce more information marketing content by thinking about it as planting and tending a garden.

Grenda’s content gardening metaphor includes:


Produce More Information Marketing Content

“The quality of the soil is often overlooked when planting a garden, but it’s also important to consider where your content will be placed before you start digging. Take the time to identify the section of your own website or suitable blogs where you can host your content elements to make sure they are a good fit. Will the content’s subject matter and style resonate with readers?  Is it similar to the content that is already posted there?  Just like preparing your garden soil with fertilizer before planting, finding the best places to host and place your content will go a long way toward helping it grow.”

I really like this content gardening idea because it seems to me that a lot of information marketers are scattering seeds all over the place, not thinking too much about where they land, and whether there is any reasonable chance for them to grow. Placing valuable content on social media is a good example. Better to place a link to your website in social media, on Twitter or Facebook, so that the real content is on your own website and the link brings visitors to your site.

You can cultivate the environment on your site by the structure, the words and the graphics, and with careful planning you can grow a good crop of customers there.

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