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Professional Info Product Videos

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I have always chosen to keep my information marketing simple and easy. And I have encouraged my clients, customers and joint venture partners to do the same. The time and money required to create ultra-professional info product videos may not turn out to be a good investment in the long run.

You will find plenty of people who don’t agree with my perspective regarding simple and easy video presentations. Fortunately, there are video production programs and techniques that you can use without much additional expense. You can use graphic programs installed on your Mac or PC, such as Keynote or PowerPoint, or you can buy alternatives now.

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Professional Info Product Videos

Even though I generally opt for the graphic programs I already own, you may want to explore some alternatives. Here are a couple suggestions for programs that will help you create professional info product videos from a post by Alan Henry on LifeHacker:  – “Prezi takes presentations in a different direction than static slides on a screen or projector with text on them. Even the animations and transitions available in other slideshow applications pale in comparison to Prezi’s “zooming user interface,” which puts entire slides in motion and focuses heavily on images, graphics, and motion to draw attention to text.”  Impress – “Impress most closely matches PowerPoint in terms of UI and layout of any of the tools here, but extends its drawing and graphics capabilities a bit.”

But if you want to get really creative and need some inspiration and instruction, I suggest you follow Steven Washer’s blog because he is totally into creative, professional videos.

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