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Professional Speaking To Build Your Information Marketing Business

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Because I started as a professional speaker, it is only natural for me to encourage others to be speakers as well. When I saw an article on the Examiner, written by Allen Klein, known as the world’s only “Jollytologist,” it seemed perfect to summarize some of my thoughts about professional speaking to build your information marketing business:

“Audiences remember only a few of your words. They never forget the essence of who you are. Work on who you are, more than what you say…

If you want to be good, hang around those who already are…

Professional Speaking as Information Marketing

Professional Speaking To Build Your Information Marketing Business

Have a passion for what you do. It will help you get through those delayed flights, canceled engagements, and not-so-great audiences.”

Klein’s light-hearted approach will take you far, and help you overcome the ever-present fear that seems to plague everyone who is new to public speaking. And many people never seem to overcome that fear completely.

Using public speaking to attract clients and customers for your information marketing products and programs is my favorite method, and it is certainly the FASTEST way to get an audience as well.  Getting to know people at your speaking venues as well as letting them know who you are and what you do, as well as what you stand for and how you can potentially help them can happen much faster in person than online.

Klein offers one final piece of advice that I heartily agree with, too, “Take only what fits for you, your style, your market, and leave the rest behind.”

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