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Promotional Products as Information Marketing

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Sometimes I get question on this topic, so I want to address it in a blog post now. Can you use promotional products as information marketing? The simple answer is YES. People love free stuff, and they have come to expect it more than ever before.

But it’s the type and the quality of your free stuff that makes all the difference. People still use pens. Pens are likely to be a popular promotional item for years (decades?) to come, digital age or not. We all still jot down notes, and some of us do a lot more substantial writing with our pens.  A nice pen that provides a few words of wisdom or inspiration, along with your name or URL can become a favorite if it’s nicely done.

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Promotional Products as Information Marketing

And smart phone holders for desk or table top use are another item that might be welcome. I think the thing here is to stop and look around your own office. Just do it, right now. Consider the things you use, or that you might actually use if a partner or a client sent you a tasteful promotional item. If you wouldn’t use an imprinted calendar or a mug, then don’t even THINK about producing them.  Just take notice of the items on your desk and in your office first, before you consider others.

Branding a pen and snail-mailing it in a padded envelope with a short note thanking the recipient can be fun to open and fun to use. The fun factor is a big deal if you are going to use promotional products of any kind as information marketing. Just remember that your branded items need to be fun and smart, not fun and stupid.

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