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Publishing Veteran Dan Poynter on Audiobooks

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In his recent e-newsletter, publishing veteran Dan Poynter posted statistics on audiobooks. They were so interesting I thought it would be a good idea to share them on my blog:

“The average age of an audiobook listener (in any format) is 51; and their average income is $76,000. The average age of download audiobook listeners is 44; their average income skews higher at $84,000. The 25-34 age range shows a slight preference for the digital format. The top three reasons respondents said they listen to audiobooks were “to listen in my car” (62% of recent listeners, 57% of total sample), “it is portable” (46% of recent listeners, 30% of total sample), “it helps me multitask” (31% of recent listeners, 25% of total sample).

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Take a minute to absorb those stats because they can definitely help guide you in the production of your own audiobooks. Assuming you are writing books in the process of building your information marketing business, you will also be recording audiobooks. That’s the thing to do, and now you know why. Readers of all ages also like to listen to audiobooks while driving and multitasking, so they appreciate having the option of listening instead of reading.

Offering your book as an e-book and a digital recording, as a package, is a popular option with buyers now. It gives them ultimate digital flexibility, meaning they can read or they can listen, depending on where they are and what they are doing.

Physical books are not out of the loop at all, but they serve a different purpose now, rather than being the only option as they were for so long. Having published a physical book is still the benchmark of success for an author, especially books published traditionally.

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