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Publishing Your E-book in More Than One Language

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Publishing your e-book in more than one language might seem a little “out there” at first, but it’s good to remember than although English is spoken all over the world, it is only the second most-spoken language on the planet. Mandarin (Chinese) is first, English is second (this is debatable), and Spanish is third.

With those basic statistics in mind, it’s easier to see why translating your information products into Mandarin and Spanish might be a good idea, assuming your products and services are appropriate for customers and clients in other countries.

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Publishing Your E-book in More Than One Language

As Javier Celaya says on Publishing Perspectives this week, “…one can hardly turn a blind eye to the revenue potential of a market that is poised to cater to 500 million Spanish speakers around the world.” And it makes a lot of sense, too, considering the increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking residents of North America.

Basically, because English and Spanish use the same alphabet, publishing your e-book in both languages doesn’t represent the translation challenge posed by translating English into Mandarin. This may not be the case for particular info marketers who speak both English and Chinese, but I am speaking primarily to the rest of us in this blog post.

Giving consideration to publishing your e-book and creating other information products into Spanish, you will reach a much broader target market than by publishing only in English. Remember, a lot of your competition will NOT consider translating their e-book or info products into Spanish, and that will definitely give you a marketing advantage.

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