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Information Marketing

If there is one question I’m asked at my seminars more than any other, it is, “How do I get started?” My website is overflowing with answers to that question, but here are some more tips today.  Basically, you start with what you know, and they you set about to learn even more as you’re putting together your info products professionally.

By using the word, “professionally,” I am asserting that you will get paid for your info products, one way or the other. You may be paid for the product itself, or you may be paid for other skills that you are promoting with your information marketing.

checklist of information marketing business

Information Marketing Checklist

To accomplish your first info product, pretend you are a novice. That’s right. Set aside the depth and breadth of your knowledge on your topic and collect basic information from the web and from books and magazines in your office. Start with the basics, because that is what your clients and customers really need.

Still have some big cookbooks in your kitchen? Leaf through them and you’ll see conversion charts that provide the number of teaspoons in one tablespoon (3) and plenty of other truly useful information along with the recipes. It’s that truly useful information you’re after in your topic area now.

Here are some ideas for jumpstarting your info products – recent statistics, checklists, categories, historical records, names, calculations, formulas, puzzles, cartoons and questions and answers.  Readers are familiar with these formats, and familiarity is also important. People are much more likely to read something that looks easy and familiar.

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