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Ramp Up Your Info Products Email List

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Melissa Campanelli recently posted about how to ramp up your info products email list on Online Marketing Strategies and Tactics. She quotes Dela Quist, an email marketing agency CEO:

“Marketers limit the amount of emails they send because they’re so afraid they’re going to be perceived as spammers. They literally bend over backwards to not be perceived this way. But it’s stupid to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Spamming is illegal; what we do is marketing.

Having a large mailing list is also an important success factor for brands’ email marketing programs, despite all of the discussion around targeting and segmentation, Quist said.

info marketing emails

Ramp Up Your Info Products Email List

We’re so afraid to be called spammers that we don’t test or experiment with list size,” Quist said. “The fact is the more email you send to more people, the more money you make.”

I’m not sure I’m actually afraid of being perceived as a spammer, but I do think that my personal attitude about receiving unsolicited emails affects how many emails I sent out to my list.

If you get aggravated with the process of eliminating spam every day, and you don’t want to bother sending emails that may be perceived as spam by people on your list, do you think that experience may be affecting your own email marketing? I do, because I know it affects my own decsions.

I have a HUGE email list, accumulated over YEARS of creating and selling info products, and coaching other marketers to do the same thing. Maybe I need to re-think how I’m using my own contact list now.

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