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I do it all the time, and you will surely find ways to repeat your information marketing successes, too. Just because I have repeated the same ideas over and over throughout my professional life as an info marketer doesn’t mean I have worn out my listeners. For one thing, there’s so much to absorb on my website and YouTube channels that nobody has time to read, watch or listen to all of it. Nobody.

And furthermore, if someone says, “I already know that,” it serves as a red flag for me to jump in and say, “Great! What results did you get when you put the idea into action?”  I’ll bet you can guess what I hear 99% of the time I ask that question, something like, “Uh, well, I haven’t had time to try it yet.” That’s typical. Have you heard the same thing?

Repeat Your Information Marketing Successes

Repeating Information Marketing Successes

So, my point here is that you will be just like all those successful musicians who spend their careers singing the same songs over and over (can you believe the Rolling Stones are still at it?) because those are the songs people want to hear. Your information marketing successes will be your greatest source of income as you find new and better ways of repeating them as time goes by.

There was no internet when I got started writing and speaking on information marketing. People still listened to audio cassettes, for heaven’s sake! So my career has changed dramatically as a result of the digital revolution, and it’s forced me to innovate and improvise all the time. But I am still repeating my successes by knowing what works and how to write and talk so my presentations will work for my ever-changing audiences.

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