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Reselling Products and Information Marketing Revenue

Information Marketing

I sell a lot of info products. Both for myself and with my JV Partners. The two areas that provide me with my biggest monthly checks are from and

Earlier this week I was at a conference put on by the folks at GoDaddy for resellers like me. The conference itself was extremely well done. As someone who resells domain names and other services, it was good to meet some of the people behind the site.

If you want to ethically build a solid information marketing business, I suggest you think about products and services that your target market would want to buy. Since I deal with information marketers, I know they need back end software to run their businesses. I also know they need a place to register domain names and host their sites.

What about YOUR customers in your niche? What do they need? What can you help them find that would make their lives easier and provide you with a commission for introducing them to a given company?

MANY affiliate marketers will throw any and everything at their list in an attempt to make a few more dollars every month. Bad idea. I will NEVER promote a product that I haven’t tried and used myself. It’s also crucial to make sure the PEOPLE behind the products and services are honest and ethical. Tough to find these days!

I am constantly looking for things to make my own business life better and easier. I not only SELL to info marketers, I’m ONE OF THEM. When I find a product or service that helps me, I am naturally interested in sharing it with others.

Don’t ever feel bad getting compensated for “turning people onto” a great service or product. You deserve to get compensated. You were/are their straight commission sales person for that product.

Don’t promote everything you find. Instead look at those items that your customers would find indispensable. Those items that once they START using them they will never want to STOP using.

In my case, back end, ecommerce software like and fit the bill. Both are absolutely necessary for people who sell info products.

I recently saw a product I THOUGHT was going to be great. After paying for it and attempting to use it, I found out I was wrong. It happened to be auto-blogging software. As it turns out, Google can can get VERY bothered if you use this stuff on your site. How will they know? Trust me, they’ll know. Luckily, I bought and attempted to use the software before promoting it to my list.

There are MANY products that don’t make sense to introduce to your customers for a variety of reasons. BUT, there are plenty of things that can help them. I would suggest you let them know about the latter.

Another interesting issue is this. If are going to buy a WHOLE LOT of domain names, you could register all of them with my reseller site: That would be best for ME! However, if you’re going to be reserving more than 50 sites a year, it would be in YOUR best interest to go to

I will make LESS if you do that. But, I would still encourage ANYONE who is going to reserve lots of domains to set up their own reseller account because THEY would be better off.

I will make less money. SHORT TERM. Long term I’ll get the trust and respect of my clients and customers. Long term there will be MORE money coming in.

Reselling products and services can be a great way to make additional money and help your customers. BUT, make sure you properly vet the items you recommend.

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