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Sales Fundamentals for Information Marketing

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It’s always good to review sales fundamentals for information marketing. Times change, but basic sales techniques pretty much stay the same. Gary Korisko posted this sentence in the midst of a thorough blog post this week, “Remember that in selling, the feature answers the question, ‘What is it?’ The benefit answers the question, ‘What does the buyer get out of it?’ – and to make them work together, you use a benefit bridge.

I like that description – a benefit bridge. Korisko suggests that these phrases serve as a bridge between a description of features and the enthusiastic embrace of benefits:

info marketing fundamentals

Sales Fundamentals for Information Marketing

“The benefit bridge takes those important (but dry/dull) features – and makes them personally meaningful to your prospect by either alleviating pain or allowing the buyer to attain something they want.

Just add any of the phrases below after the feature to force yourself to use a benefit.

so that…
in order to…
which allows you to…
which makes it…”

I’m sure this has the wheels turning in your mind already, and you’re thinking about how you can write new content with benefit statements following up the description of features. It’s not a bad idea to make a chart for your use later, that way you don’t have to stop and think about the features and the benefits every time you create your information marketing content. You can draw on your chart for inspiration.

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