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Sean D’Souza On Developing Your Target Market Profile

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First of all, Sean D’Souza is a great copywriter and information marketer. I am sharing some of his advice from one of his information products in my blog post today because he has a very clear description of the difference between a target market and a target profile.

“Almost all of us, when asked about our target profile, get drawn into the mistake of describing a target  audience. And this mistake is normal, because almost every marketing book or course talks mostly about target audience. It suggests that we should look for a bunch of people. e.g. people who are afraid of making presentations. And while this is a great starting point, it’s only the starting point.”

Targeting Your Real Info Product Market

Developing Your Target Market Profile

D’Souza is making a very important point. Just having an audience is not enough. It has to be the RIGHT audience for your information products in order for you to succeed.  He goes on to suggest that you will be MILES ahead of your competition, and MILES ahead of your own previous copywriting if you sit down and interview a real person, one of your customers or clients. Maybe you’ll need to interview more than one, but just start with one.

More D’Souza: “…here you are in your cubby hole, imagining stuff, but the client often doesn’t feel that way at all. And there’s more, of course. You get to hear the client’s exact words. Their terminology. Their emotions come surging through in the conversation. And for the first time, ever you can feel the pain.”

And there you have it – talk to real people and listen carefully for THEIR WORDS describing THEIR PAIN in order to develop your target market profile and write your information marketing content.

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