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Sean D’Souza on Sub-Headings In Articles

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Articles can form the foundation of your website copy and your blog posts.  Website copy will generally be longer, and blog posts are usually shorter, but both can benefit greatly from advice from Sean De’Souza on sub-headings in articles.

In an email to his list, D’Souza describes the difference between sub-heads that connect paragraphs into a consistent flow in order to keep your readers moving through your article, and those that are, effectively, headlines. He contends that headlines within articles tend to stop the flow of reading, and that’s not the goal at all.

After providing an example of his re-telling of the story of the 3 Little Pigs, with headline sub-heads interrupting the flow (we can’t have that going on in a classic story) he then tells it again with effective  sub-heads, and explains the technique by saying:

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Sean D’Souza on Sub-Headings In Articles

“Notice how the story mostly creates its own sub-heads. And all you have to do is let the story run as it normally would and then highlight the sub-heads when you move to a new paragraph…

1) Putting in titles/headlines where sub-heads should exist is not a good idea.

2) A title/headline randomly put in creates an interruption, when you just want flow.

3) The way to create flow in a story is to simply use the flow of the story to create sub-heads.

In other words, using the first sentence or the topic sentence that follows as the sub-head has been found to be much more effective than sub-heads that read like headlines. Readers are often scanning your articles and posts, trying to get the main points without spending too much time reading. We all do that, don’t we?

Make it easier for your readers and watch what happens to conversions on your information marketing websites as a result.

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