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Lots of people are interested in getting into selling information products. Often times they are stymied by not having a product to sell right out of the box. This does NOT have to be a problem. You can find fantastic products that OTHER people have produced and sell them yourself.

Numerous information marketers will license some of their products for sale by others. Why? Because it makes sense for them to do so. Someone who produces a lot of info products like myself has TWO reasons for licensing and selling some of my products.

As an example, let’s say that the product I would be licensing is digital. I sell the product now for $50. It’s a downloadable digital product. I decide that this product would be perfect to license. I price the non exclusive license for my product at $497. About 10 times what I would charge for the product at retail.

As the producer of information products here are my two main goals when I do so. First, I want to get an immediate cash flow surge from the sale of the licenses. This is fairly obvious. The less obvious, yet more important reason is that in any products that I produce have multiple bouncebacks imbedded in the product themselves. This means that when you or someone else creates an info product, you make sure and put links to other products and services that you sell. When others who buy the license then sell the products to others, you, the producer of that info product stand to benefit.

What about on the buyer’s side? Why does is make sense to BUY licenses to information products. I own a number of licenses to OTHER people’s products myself. It can be a GREAT idea.

Here is when I think it makes sense to buy a license:

1. You want to quickly get a product into the hands of your list that fits perfectly with what they need or want.

2. It is not a topic that you envision yourself producing a product about.

3. You believe the product that is available to license is extremely well done and don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel.

Licensing makes a LOT of sense for many people. Are you one of them? If reading this post resonates with you, you might be. Even if you produce tons of your own products, licensing others may make a lot of sense.

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