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If you are just starting out, and your goal is to build an information marketing business online, you will need to see and be seen as an information marketer. You can do it from home, yes, but you cannot do it without getting “out there” and mingling with people on blogs, forums and chats. This part of building your reputation and your business can be very time-consuming.

You have to know where your potential clients and customers go, where they post and what they say in their comments and posts. If you are not hanging out where they are, then you simply have to begin. They have to see your useful, intelligent comments and engaging questions, and then you will become known, the preliminary step in order to become trusted.  And, after all, trust is what earns you the right to your clients and customers. It’s always about trust.

Information Marketer

Be Seen As An Information Marketer

You’ll learn a lot when you see what people are asking and saying in comments and forum posts. You can sit back and just read for a while as you absorb their realities in order to create information products. And then you need to start writing.

You can start by creating your own profiles on the various sites, each targeted to the particular interests and perspectives you’ve come to understand from spending time there.  Then get started posting. Ask questions first. That’s a good way to generate attention and show respect for replies.

This method may seem terribly slow and tedious, but it is the best way to form a solid potential customer base when you want to be seen as an information marketer.

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