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Self-Publishing For Celebrities and Information Marketers

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You are in good company these days when you decide to self-publish your ebook or tangible book. Self-publishing for celebrities and information marketers shares a common advantage, which is CONTROL.

Chris Robley posted on The BookBaby Blog lately, saying, ”… even famous writers are now abandoning traditional publishing in favor of self-publishing solutions… if you’re handling most of your book marketing yourself — don’t despair; you’re in the same boat as Pulitzer Prize-winners!”

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Self-Publishing For Celebrities and Information Marketers

Since traditional publishers have marketing budgets in the range of slim-to-none,  even the famous authors are having to plan, organize and conduct their own marketing efforts. While some of those authors may have a bigger budget than you have allocated for your information marketing business, many of them do not. Traditional publishing has not proven to be terribly lucrative for a large percentage of popular authors, primarily because they have signed away their rights to their publishers.

Self-published authors in all genres have not signed away their rights. And unless there are specific reasons to do so, you should not sign away your rights to a publisher either.  This is a big subject, one that should be dealt with in depth for each book you write, and with your publishing attorney. Just be careful.

Ebooks and tangible books are easy to self-publish now, on a variety of different platforms. I heard lately that there are over 35 different digital platforms now. That is amazing, isn’t it? So there’s a lot to learn before you make your final decisions regarding self-publishing.

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