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Selling Dissatisfaction To Market Information

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Author/blogger/philosopher Seth Godin posted this week about FOMO, which stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It was short and terse, as usual. So I’d like to expand on Godin’s idea for a moment.

Let’s face it, fear of missing out is one of the most important tools of internet marketers. Playing on (or preying upon) the natural human fear of being left out is the source of most of those elusive fortunes that we hear about. You know, the internet millionaires with yachts and Jaguars and homes on several continents. Yes, there are some of those people in real life. But not many.

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Selling Dissatisfaction To Market Information

Identifying a source of dissatisfaction is crucial to selling anything. I have to become dissatisfied with my car in order to get motivated to buy a new one.  There’s a fine line between needs and wants that may not be easy to find in our own thought processes, but somehow we have to find it for our customers.

In order to utilize the fear of missing out to market information we have to dig down underneath rational, logical thinking and into the murky depths of emotional feelings. Getting in touch with the feelings that motivate people to buy what we are selling (online or offline) is easier when we can answer this question, “What is my target client afraid of missing?”

When you can answer that question clearly, even if there are different parts to the answer, you are in an excellent position to write content and promotional copy to build your information marketing business.

Before that, you’re shooting in the dark to some extent. You may hit your target on occasion, but not consistently.

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