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Selling Info Products: Books on Amazon

Information Marketing

I just checked the reviews for one of my books on Amazon. I sell a lot of information marketing products of all sorts including books. The specific book on Selling Information had two very nice quotes. One from my friend and expert on Media Training, TJ Walker. The other was from another satisfied customer who is clearly knowledgeable about the info products field. The last quote was from someone who clearly wanted to “dis” me. I don’t mind an expert info marketing expert giving me feedback that is worthwhile and “on target.” This guy’s review was seriously flawed. I can be accused of lots of things as an information marketer, but being lacking in content is clearly NOT a valid critique of my work. Anyone who has bought any of my information products will agree that I provide more useful content per page or minute than anyone around. This person’s review on Amazon actually helps because it is short and clearly NOT true. Having the other quotes in addition to this one helps rather than hurts my cause as an info marketer.

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Information Marketing

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