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If you’re producing info products, the FIRST thing you need to concentrate on is producing a GREAT product. How do you objectively define a GREAT product? Simple. Based on return rates. A great product has very LOW rates of return.

Many will say that if your return rates are TOO low you need to raise your price. This may be true. BUT, I’d prefer you have to deal with that “problem”.

When I try and boil down information marketing to it’s essentials, I have started using the concept of the THREE LEGGED STOOL. Product is the first leg, then conversion and finally, traffic.

Let’s assume you have a good product.

Conversion is your next item of concern. You want to work on product and conversion BEFORE traffic. If you start to generate traffic before you have a good product and a good conversion system, you’re in big trouble.

Depending on the field you’re in, conversion methodologies may differ. Don’t assume because everyone is now using video to get people to buy that YOU have to do the same. It MAY work, and then again, it may NOT. Only testing will determine the correct choice.

A JV partner of mine, Bill Dewees, is in the Voice Over Training business. I’m not convinced that video will work for him. After all, he is dealing with people who are interested in the AUDIO WORLD. Video MAY work, but don’t reflexsively choose a conversion system based on what seems to be the most popular this month.

Lastly, you have to think about TRAFFIC. There are many elements of generating traffic, but I’m only interested in talking about SEO traffic here. There are many elements which will help you to get better placement in the search engines, but there are THREE that I KNOW are important.

First, it would be nice to have a domain name that EXACTLY matches your “dead center” keyword term. If you can’t get the exact match, make sure you use a domain name that CONTAINS the keyword string.

In the case of Bill Dewees, that’s why we selected His dead center keyword term being “voice over training.” Since that one’s already taken, we opted for a URL that included this term.

A second important element is content. Populating your site with great content CERTAINLY helps in getting better rankings for your site.

The third one is backlinks. The more and more relevant ones you can get, the better. There are a number of people who will CLAIM that they can help you in this area. Be careful. Some of the techniques being used aren’t appropriate. Only work with SEO folks who use LEGITIMATE ways of increasing your number of backlinks.

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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