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SEO Makes Your Information Marketing Successful

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If you are a busy dentist and don’t need more patients, this article is not for you. But if you are expanding your practice and adding more dentists to your firm, read on. You need to understand Search Engine Marketing (SEO) to compete with competing dental firms. SEO makes your information marketing successful, and I’m assuming you are marketing information now.

Matt McGee digests all there is to know about SEO because he’s an editor of SearchEngineLand. His article called 7 Research Tools For Bloggers serves up free sites that you can use to research keywords in order to make sure your blog posts and articles can be found on the web. What good are they if people don’t find them and read them?

info marketing seo success

Successful Information Marketing with SEO

The simplest thing McGee suggests is using the dropdown keyword list that appears when you type anything into the search box on Google. Go ahead, try it now. Type in any word related to your information marketing products, or the products you intend to create if you’re just getting started. You’ll see actual keywords and phrases that people are currently searching for on Google.

McGee’s list of seven free search tools will give you a much more comprehensive selection of course, but if you’re pressed for time (who isn’t?) you have exactly what you need to focus on topics that your potential patients, clients and customers are searching. Can’t beat that for quick and easy and effective.

Use a keyword in the title of your blog post and a couple times in each post or article. Don’t overdo it because that’s called “keyword stuffing” and it will actually hinder rather than help your page ranking now.

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