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SEO vs PPC – Understand This To Market Information – Part 1

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I know you probably get tired of reading about it and thinking about it, because it’s so elusive and complicated. But SEO vs PPC  is something we have to understand this to market information online. It’s a critical necessity. I’m not too fond of it either, frankly, but I know what’s good for my business is important.

So, first of all, it stands for Seach Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click advertising. Got it? Well, that question is easier to answer than it should be. Jason DeMers posted on Business2Comunity recently and gave us some help through the confusion:

info marketing seo success

SEO vs PPC – Understand This To Market Information

“I see a lot of people arguing that PPC is the future of search marketing and that it can be much more profitable (and less risky and cumbersome) than SEO. According to at least a few fervent souls, the ground beneath SEO is shaking. The only other option, obviously, is PPC — if you’re looking to tap the traffic from Internet’s greatest source, which is to say, Google…

While SEO brings you organic search through organic search results, PPC is like placing an ad on Google for specific keywords. Most Google users don’t care that Google shows them “paid” results (AdWords), because Google makes certain that the ads are predominantly relevant to the keywords used in search.

Since both drive traffic through Google, you’re obviously going to examine the benefits each has over the other.”

Here’s the way I see it, folks – Google is in business to make money, not to politely provide services to the world for free.  It has begun moving in the direction of charging us all for services that we have taken for granted since the inception of the internet, and certainly since we got addicted to using Google as a search engine.

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