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Seth Godin Comments on Seminars and Conferences

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I had to laugh when I read Seth’s blog today. He said, “At most events, people are on high alert, clenched and protective. Like a cocktail party where no one is drinking.” When Seth Godin comments on seminars and conferences, people listen. I heard that line for sure! And, sadly, it is true.

His point is that the composition of the group is critical to the flow of ideas. Seth is always talking about ideas, where they come from and what to do with them. A seminar or conference where people are open and the ideas are flowing is rare. But when it happens, it’s dynamite.

Info Marketer Fred Gleeck

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My Info Bootcamps are designed to provide a place for ideas to flow. I hold them in my home in the Las Vegas area, and I limit the number of people so that personal interaction with me and with each other is smooth and easy. It’s incredible what a motivated group of creative people can accomplish in a week’s time when the situation is right. Info Bootcamp graduates usually form a support network with each other that lasts long after their week with me, too.

Having marketed myself and held countless seminars for a couple decades now, I am a genuine, living expert. I’m not an instant expert who wrote a book about seminars because it’s a hot topic now.  My list of clients includes dozens of people who are making a fortune with their information marketing, and that is my real claim to fame.

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