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Seth Godin on Resilience

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Being prepared for any eventuality in our information business and our personal lives is something that’s easily overlooked in the normal course of daily chaos. How can we think about the future when the present is so full of challenges already?  This seems like a good time to quote Seth Godin on resilience, a topic he blogged on recently:

“Don’t need it is the shortcut to living in crazy times. If you don’t have an office, it won’t flood. If you have sixteen clients, losing one won’t wipe you out.* If your cost of living is low, it’s far less exposed to a loss in income. If there are no stairs in your house, a broken hip doesn’t mean you have to move. Intentionally stripping away dependencies on things you can no longer depend on is the single best preparation to change.”

info marketing resilience

Seth Godin on Resilience

Naturally, Godin selected, “don’t need it” as the pinnacle of preparation in hard times. If you can operate your information business from your home and from your laptop computer or tablet device, wherever you may travel, you are in a good position to prosper because you don’t have a lot of extraneous business expenses. You are much more resilient than your peers with office buildings and huge payrolls.

Perhaps you’ve already thought about emergency back-ups of all your digital products, and your working hard drives, etc., and you have all the security you need. If not, now is a good time to think about it. Now is a very good time to boost your resilience to build your information marketing business.

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