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Sharon Livingston’s Interview on Influence – Part 2

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In Sharon Livingston’s interview on influence with Dr. Robert Cialdini, he reveals his six principles derived from personal research in a variety of real-life situations. They are as follows:

1. “The first one is called Reciprocation, the idea that people want to give back to us what we have first given to them. It gives us great power in a situation by being able to determine the tone of the interaction by doing it first.”

2. ”Scarcity. People want more of those things they can have less of.”

info marketer sharon livingston

Sharon Livingston’s Interview on Influence

3. “The second one is what we call Social Proof, which is the idea that when uncertain, people want to look around to see what others are doing and thinking before they take action. They look to people who are just like them for evidence of what they should do in situations.”

4.” The next one is the principle of Commitment and Consistency, the idea that people want to be consistent with what they already committed to, what they have said or done, or came to believe in the past.”

5. “Our next principle is Authority, the one that says people want to follow the lead of legitimate experts, true authorities in an arena.”

6. ” The last of the six principles is the Liking principle, which is the one that says we prefer to say yes to those we know and like, and I don’t think any of your readers will be surprised to hear that. But there is a little twist to it. There are two things that really cause people to like us. One is similarity; we like the people who are like us, especially in values and attitudes and opinions and so on. Secondly, we like the people who like us and say so by giving us compliments.”

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