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If you have a process that you teach that has a lot of different elements involved, this post is for you. Years back I thought of putting a poster together for self publishers. It was to contain (and it will when I do it) a complete list of what someone has to do to self publish their book.

The poster will contain each step, carefully laid out, on a separate column, in order, and with a box to check off when the task is completed. I like this idea because there are SO MANY steps in the self publishing process something like this becomes mandatory.

As I sat on the bed typing next to my wife, she asked me: “Why not just have that checklist in a spreadsheet on your computer “? A natural question from an M.I.T. educated woman. The response that I gave, satisfied even her, so I know it makes sense.

I told her that many of the checklists that I now want to produce have MANY elements. Some of them have more than 50 or 60 things you have to do. Put a file like this in a spreadsheet program and you’ll have to scroll down multiple times to be able to see the entire file.

I went online and found a site called For a basic 18X24 inch poster, the cost is about $3 a piece. From what I saw on their site, there did not seem to be any quantity discounts. Thus the name: SHORT RUN POSTERS.

If you want to print in larger quantities, you can get them cheaper at a place I found called: I threw in some numbers to see their prices and it was coming out to around $1 a piece if you were to print 500 of the same thing that ShortRun does for $3.

If your’e just starting out, go with a small number. Let it be your biggest problem if you have to get MORE printed. Be conservative. Print a LOT less than you THINK you can sell. Trust me on this one.

So again, if you have a PROCESS that you teach that involves a LOT of steps, this might be just the ticket.

But, this violates one of my “standard” rules of information marketing on a couple of fronts. First off, it’s a physical product. I prefer to stay away from those. Second, it’s a lower priced product. Chances are you won’t be able to charge much more than $20 for a poster like this. After all, it’s NOT Cheryl Tiegs in a bikini. If you don’t know who that is, you’re TOO young, look her name up online, or catch her in the next installment of Celebrity Apprentice!

BUT, the issue here is what makes MOST sense to your customers/buyers. I would have LOVED something like this for myself when I first started self publishing. I was constantly worried that I might be skipping an important step. Having a poster to check off the crucial elements would have been great!

The way I envision this is that you would have the poster pinned up on a wall somewhere in your office or work area. All the steps would be laid out in order and have boxes for you to check when the task was finished. If you were my customer for this poster, I would bet you would thank me each time you ticked off another box when you completed a task.

A KEY element to this poster would be the bouncebacks. This is the ONLY reason why I feel it is worth selling a $20 physical product. All over this poster you’d want various websites listed promoting your other products and services.

Since this is an item your customers will be looking at ALL THE TIME, your site URLs will get seen often. I suspect they will also get visited as a result.

I’m going to be producing a number of these posters and I’ll share my results. If you do any, please come back to this blog and report YOUR results. That would help me and everyone else who reads the blog to know your results.

A final note. Don’t get too stressed out over the design of this poster. Make it look decent, but just make sure you don’t LEAVE ANY STEPS OUT! This is the only thing that will really get your customers ticked off.

To your posteriing success!

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