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Should You Be Controversial In Your Information Marketing?

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I’ve noticed a trend, especially among younger information marketers, and it is a bit disturbing, frankly. Let me just pose a question for a moment – should you be controversial in your information marketing, or should you attempt to stay away from controversy entirely?

The trend I mentioned is towards the use of controversy to spark conversation and stir emotion. Are you using controversy to attract traffic and make sales in your information marketing business? If so, you may be in for a rude awakening.

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Should You Be Controversial In Your Information Marketing?

I realize that my opinion here may not be popular, but these are things that need to be said, especially based on decades of success building an information marketing business of my own. Startling or offending people is the not best way to build sustainable relationships that you need to build your business.  Just because somebody retweets your startling comment doesn’t mean you are going to convert visitors to you website and sell information products to them. Not at all.

This whole trend reminds me of the ridiculous antics of some movie and music celebrities. Yes, they often get wide-spread media attention and tons of social media mentions. But does that sell more music or get more people in the doors at movie theatres? I honestly doubt it.

What do you think?  Have you chosen to purchase downloads or CDs because you heard about something shocking that musical artist did? Be honest.  I just don’t think that’s what sells music at all. And I don’t think that shocking antics by information marketers build long-term clientele either.

Yes, you might make a few sales, but that is not your goal, right? You want to build an EMPIRE and secure your future with your info products. I’m making that assumption because you are reading my blog, and that is what I teach my clients and customers to do.

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