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Show Me Marketing for Your Information Business

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“Show Me” marketing for your information business is one way to think about testimonials. They are necessary, and they absolutely must be real.  Many people doubt the validity of testimonials, no matter how you present them, but video is, of course, the most believable.

But you cannot expect your satisfied clients and customers to know exactly what needs to be said in writing or in a video. They need prompting in the form of questions. They need THE RIGHT QUESTIONS in order to give the best responses in a great testimonial.


Show Me Marketing for Your Information Business

Show Me Marketing for Your Information Business

Sean D’Souza posted about great testimonials on his blog this week. He says, “You can get the client to realise they’re not just giving a testimonial, but giving their experience. That you really need to know what they felt “before” and then “after”. You want to know the pain “before” and the relief “after”. The more you get the client to understand that it’s a story/experience that you’re looking for, the less chances you have of running into snappy, logical answers.”

D’Souza describes short, somewhat meaningless responses as the ones that make sense to the customer, but they don’t tell a story that anybody else can follow. What’s needed is the story, with an emphasis on the problem existing before purchasing a product or utilizing a service compared to the results that followed.

Naturally, you want to find people who have experienced good results in order to get good testimonials.  When you get their stories you have the most powerful marketing tools of all. Take time to consider what questions to ask, and then help them feel comfortable telling their stories for you to record by audio or video.

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