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Are You An Older Information Marketer?

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Are you an older information marketer? Don’t worry, nobody can hear your reply, unless you choose to comment to my post. Of course you might be thinking, “older than whom?” Let’s just say older than 40 yrs old to be safe here.

If you are no longer in your 30s and you’re involved in an information marketing business, Chris Taylor has an encouraging post for you on Mashable. He says, “Every year of life improves an entrepreneur’s chances up until 40, but they don’t diminish thereafter. Take heart, grey-haired founders!”

old information marketer

Are You An Older Information Marketer?

Taylor provides an infographic from Founder Institute showing statistics that entrepreneurial organization has collected from its students. It highlights the following characteristics as “good DNA:”

1) Professional experience, as opposed to college education

2) High degree of openness to new ideas

3) High degree of fluid intelligence, meaning flexibility in thought

4) Moderate agreeableness, in contrast to being difficult or being a YES person.

Perhaps even more telling are the qualities indicating “bad DNA” as an entrepreneur:

1) Predatory aggressiveness

2) Excuse-making

3) Deceit

4) Emotional instability

5) Narcissism.

Taylor opines, “You don’t need IQ as it is traditionally measured; you do need the ability to recognize patterns.” That’s a big one. Seeing patterns generally indicates a decent level of intelligence, but not always. It requires astute observation and care. By that I mean, you not only have to notice what’s going on around you (including online) but you have to care enough to navigate in existing environments.

And finally, Taylor concludes, “And then there’s ego. Clearly, entrepreneurs need some to succeed — but only as much as is required to not have your product be steamrollered. Narcissism is a no-no, as is any kind of emotional instability.” That certainly goes for anyone in the information marketing business.

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