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Looking for all the tools you can employ to succeed in building your information marketing empire? Social intelligence for marketing information is certainly one of the tools each one of us should cultivate and use to succeed personally and professionally. It is not always well understood, even though it is a critical necessity.

Let’s start with the definition of social intelligence provided by Wikipedia, “Social intelligence describes the exclusively human capacity to effectively navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments.”  In other words, it is basically describing the ability to behave in a mature and effective manner, in any situation. That’s saying a mouthful, isn’t it?

info marketing social intelligence

Social Intelligence For Marketing Information

Building an information marketing business is fraught with adventures. So, whenever you find yourself going down a dead-end road, coming to the conclusion that a particular decision didn’t work out, that’s the time to draw on your social intelligence.  Creating information products and experimenting with different methods of marketing and promoting them is, as I said, an adventure. Choosing to see the process as an adventure is a socially intelligent perspective. It gives you the latitude to fail, and to learn from failures in order to change course and succeed.

Here’s a quote from the March Newsletter of ISEI, the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence:

“Individuals may not be aware of their mindset, but we can determine a person’s mindset from their behavior. Some people don’t take on new challenges because they dread failure. If they fail, they fear the world will know they have limitations.

By contrast, growth mindset individuals will take on new challenges all day long. They don’t fear failure because they know that failure also brings new learning and growth. Their mindset reflects the advice of Thomas Watson: ‘Would you like me to give you the formula for success? It’s quite simple really. Double your rate of failure.”

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