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Social Media Issues For Info Marketers

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Besides feeling completely overwhelmed with the daily task of posting and commenting on social media, there is something else we have to recognize. This is one of the most important social media issues for information marketers. And it is one that none of us can control.

The real power of social media to boost our page ranking and our income comes from the good things that other people say about us. In other words, we can post and tweet our hearts out, but it’s nothing compared to what other people are posting and tweeting about us and about our info products.


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Social Media Issues For Info Marketers

Krista Neher says it succinctly in her post on ClickZ this week, “The most valuable part of social media is driving recommendations and natural and authentic social mentions from your customers. Most of these probably don’t take place on your brand page.”

Well, that’s a fact. So, how can we inspire our blog readers to share posts with the world? We have to say something really interesting and relevant, if not funny and entertaining. If being funny and entertaining isn’t consistent with our internet marketing businesses, then those are not the ways to get attention anyway.  (Being funny as a speaker can be a good thing, however.)

Neher continues: “The point is that businesses should focus on being a part of the dialogue and encouraging their customers (and potential customers) to talk about them in natural ways on their social network. This drives awareness and sales and can be much more effective at reaching potential customers on Facebook, especially since brands don’t get the best visibility in the Facebook news feed.”

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