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From MY perspective, software MUST be in the mix of information products that you offer to your market niche. Even better if you sell a piece of software that is addictive. One that becomes a necessary component of business success for your customers. In MY case, fits the bill.

Here are some reasons to offer software in the mix of info products you sell:

1. They provide super high margins. Like most info products, software, once developed has very low cost associated with maintenance and upkeep. Sure, there are SOME costs, but they are very low compared to the revenue they can potentially generate for you.

2. They can be licensed. IF you find a piece of software you feel fits the needs of your market niche, you can often times license the software. IN many cases, the manufacturer of the software may let you have exclusivity for the sale of software within your niche. This can be a HUGE benefit if it becomes popular because only YOU can sell it.

3. It can become addictive. Selling a piece of software that people in your niche use, know and love makes it so that you will continue to be paid, many times for years without interruption. I have a number of customers for WebMarketingMagic who have been paying me monthly for years. This is a very good thing. YOU need to consider doing it yourself.

4. When improved, more revenue can be generated. If you create improvements in the software your users will in most cases be willing to pay you more for features and benefits that will be able to see and experience.

5. If you license the software you sell, you may not have to be responsible for customer service. Working with a software company that has an existing infrastructure to handle customer issues, makes it incredibly easy for you. All you have to do is SELL the software, the manufacturer will “service” it. I don’t know about YOU, but for me, the customer service side of the business is the least FUN.

In short, YOU need to find a piece of software that people in your niche “fall in love with.” This will enable you to get people “hooked” and have them pay you money forever.

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