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Sonia Simone on Content Marketing

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She’s the Chief Marketing Officer at Copyblogger Media, and she’s always got some fresh things to say about information marketing. Here’s some inspiration from Sonia Simone on content marketing:

“That ‘unfamiliar path’ business is why you don’t act on the marketing advice you get.

It’s why you make slow progress on your business. And why your audience isn’t growing. And why you keep planning on building something epic, but the plans don’t get translated into action.

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Sonia Simone on Content Marketing

It’s because you’re scared of what’s further down the path. Which is completely normal — you haven’t been there yet.

Everyone is scared of the path they haven’t been on yet. I think that’s why we now believe that a business owner is someone with some kind of superhuman bravery — because the examples we get are the oddballs who either ignore risk or who are good at pretending it doesn’t scare them.”

This is so true, and it is not something you usually hear about everyday. In the midst of more inspiration and education than the world has ever seen, available at our fingertips everyday (literally) sometimes we are overwhelmed and simply frozen. Facing the unknown is scary, and no matter what other people tell us is going to happen, we doubt.

That doubt is definitely a killer of forward momentum. And the worst part is that usually we cannot see it for what it really is until it’s too late.  We don’t want to admit that we’re frightened of the unknown.

For years now I’ve noticed that some of my most successful clients are those who have already faced their fear of the unknown and beat it down. They have learned to live past it, everyday.

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