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Sorting Out Emails In Your Information Marketing

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Like it or not, sorting out emails in your information marketing is going to become more and more important. Despite the fact that Gmail and other service providers are going to a “priority inbox” system that does your sorting for you, they only cover your incoming emails. What about your outgoing emails?

Sorting out how and when and to whom you should be sending emails so that they accomplish their intended purposes is becoming both a science and an art form. Debra Ellis’article on TargetMarketing this week spells out clearly what we need to consider when we send emails to one person or to our entire list:

info marketing email sorting

Sorting Out Emails In Your Information Marketing

“Marketing is a service when it solves people’s problems. Transactional emails are one to one communication. The right combination of marketing and service messages benefit customers by helping them maximize the return from their investments. The key to successful execution is having the correct processes, careful planning, and good application of business rules. When done well, they keep customers informed and motivate them to buy more.”

Ellis provides a list of how-tos that elaborates on the following points:

“1) Review your transactional emails;

2) Identify opportunities for marketing messages;

3) Select the emails and messages to test;

4) Verify that the offers are deliverable.

5) Measure everything;

6) Revise as needed. “

This list is very useful to me, and I suspect it will come in handy for you, too. Thinking about how we can use every communication to promote our info products or our speaking and coaching services is a good investment of time.

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