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Speaking As Information Marketing – Part 1

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I’ve been a professional speaker for a long time. My books, audios, videos and blog posts are not fiction; they are born of my real, life-long experience as a learner and a teacher on the subject of speaking as information marketing. So, I’m going to expound on the subject for a bit.

Nothing forces you to know what you know like getting up in front of a group and talking about it. That fact gives rise to many fears, unfortunately, but it is really the best way to learn what you know.  The fact is that we generally know a lot more than we think we know on topics that interest us.

Speaking as Information Marketing

Speaking as Information Marketing

Have you noticed how enthusiastic and lively a person becomes (maybe you) when talking on a favorite subject? Most of the time we have to remember to stop talking or we take over a conversation completely.

Whenever that happens to you, it’s a good sign that you could speak on the topic with authority and energy, which are the main things a speaker needs in order to hold the attention of an audience. What we don’t need is polished perfection. That comes in due time, but in the beginning we just stand up and talk to many people the same way we talk to one other person in conversation.

What we endeavor NOT to do is lecture. It doesn’t work well on teenagers we know and love, and it doesn’t work well on anybody outside of academic environments.  Speaking as information marketing is really all about conversation with many people at the same time.

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