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Speaking of Information Marketing

Information Marketing

I always marvel at the fact that school teachers can get up in front of classrooms everyday and teach information. They are, essentially, information marketers in a closed environment.

Speaking of information marketing, congregational leaders of all faiths are also doing the same thing one or more days per week.  Have you ever thought about it this way?  Several hours a day, or several hours per week these people have an obligation to prepare material to share with an audience.  They are motivational speakers  in their chosen areas.

Speaking as Information Marketing

Speaking of Information Marketing

That is exactly what speakers do. Preparation of subject material, practice and final presentation are the skills we all learned in speech class back in school. Remember? And if we had good teachers, we learned exactly how to market information, even if we didn’t call it by that name.  Learning the skills to speak in front of an audience are basic skills, but taking those skills to a higher level requires gumption.

Gumption is defined as: initiative, aggressiveness, resourcefulness, courage, spunk, guts, commonsense, and shrewdness. Yes, you need some combination of all those qualities in order to market yourself, book speaking events, and then show up and give a dynamic presentation that captures attention and motivates people to purchase your info products as well.

Do you have some of those characteristics called gumption? You can harness them and make them work for you as soon as you make a decision to prepare a talk on a subject that interests you and find an audience. Take what you remember from speech class, apply some gumption and you’re all set.

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